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Bill Auditing

Simply put, a bill audit is an examination of your expenditures and services for the purpose of checking and verifying their accuracy. We look at your business in its entirety, examining invoices and service agreements for up to 11 applicable services. We review these documents for errors, anomalies, and overcharges using proprietary software and system tools to thoroughly analyze every single invoice. We compare your charges against service agreements, usage demand profiles, and our internal rate database.



Our business is focused on making sure you are being billed correctly, and paying the least amount possible, without compromising services. Based on thousands of client audits for a wide range of services, we typically find at least 18% savings – but often more.

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Saveubill offers solutions and services to simplify and save your business money. No matter what your business size, Saveubill has solutions tailored to meet your company’s needs. Our extensive knowledge and expertise of rates and tariffs allows us to analyze a wide range of services to discover potential refunds, savings and increase process efficiencies. We advise our clients of billing errors and make objective, unbiased cost saving recommendations.



Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a detailed report highlighting the savings and refund opportunities.


We work both diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.


We are strictly performance based. We do not charge fees. We are compensated from a percentage of the results we find. Our only fee is 30% of your refunds and savings

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