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What is a Bill audit?

Simply put, a Bill Audit is an examination of your Expenditures and Services for the purpose of checking and verifying their accuracy.

Why get a Bill audit?

Bill Audits ensure that your vendors/suppliers are complying with the original contract, in addition to:

  • Confirming that you are not being overcharged
  • Identifying hidden Costs and billing errors
  • Ensuring you are not being billed for services that are no longer being used
  • Recovering funds that you may have been overcharged for

For Example: Wireless and Telecom carriers are notorious for having inconsistent and inaccurate billing systems. In fact, Gartner Communications Analyst Eric Goodness has noted that “12 percent to 20 percent of telecom charges are in error, and 85 percent of the errors are in the carrier’s favor.”